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OTF out the front knives are spring-loaded knives that deploy out the front of the knife handle with the push of a button. OTF out the front knives, fixed blade knives, folding knives and more. Feeling lucky? You could be our next big OTF knife winner. New knife giveaways every other week. Attention all RavenCrest Tactical customers, we are still hard at work here at RavenCrest fulfilling orders each and everyday! Our store in Mesa, Arizona is still open, although we will be closed on the weekends!

Shop OTF Knives. Shop Folding Knives. Enter To Win. USE IT.

knives made in alaska

You work hard for your money and you deserve the best. Each knife goes through a seven point inspection before it leaves our shop and makes it into your hands. If "stock" isn't your thing no worries You'll be able to hand select blade styles, handle colors, pocket clip designs and more.

Watch your knife change in real time on screen as you make each selection. When your happy with your knife, simply add it to cart and checkout. Your custom OTF knife will be hand assembled and shipped within hours. Build Your Knife Now. We are proud to serve our First Responders.

The brave professionals that run towards danger to provide assistance every day. We appreciate you and all you do. Thank you for trusting our knives to help you tackle hard jobs in tough places.Welcome to Northern Knives, our second home. We provide the best service with the most knowledgeable, and friendly help, you will find anywhere. We buy, sell, and trade all things knife related, plus a little more. We have Alaskan and Outside custom blades, automatics, hard-to-find and unique pieces, factory products, and almost everything else.

From concept to finished product, we can handle just about anything. We design and build our own knives under our in-house name: 3 Dog Knife. We offer design, CAD rendering, machining, and prototyping. We also stock premium knife making materials such as high end steel K, N, Elmax, M, and morequality handle materials G10, Micarta, Caribou, Moose, Whale and Mammoth bone, Mammoth ivory, Dall sheep, and morehardware such as rivets and corbys, epoxy and stabilizers, as well as expendables like belts and other finish abrasives.

We are also an authorized dealer for some knife making machinery. From front to back, top to bottom we make it our business to know knives.

Issues with the Site? Question about one of our customs? Want to ship to Australia? Drop us a line. Sun: Closed. We are Closed on the following holidays. Martin Luther King Day.

Memorial Day. Independence Day. Labor Day. Veterans Day. Anchorage, AK, THE M. Saw Blade Sharpening.Simply stated: Our goal is to make high quality knives and natural healing salves, using only the best ingredients available. We will provide the kind of service you expect from a small company that still makes their products by hand. Everything we sell can be custom tailored to your desires. Wanting to fill a large gap in the market, he has come up with a line of knives that are handcrafted with top quality materials and are offered at prices that most people can afford.

After studying the natural cures and treatments used by the local natives and naturalists, Rod and Rhonda decided to venture into the forest and river valleys to find and harvest some of our local medicinal plants. Our studies and research have led us to create this line of all natural products that use locally harvested plants and time honored traditional recipes that provide you with traditional alternatives to the chemical treatments of today.

We make our own fudge using top quality ingredients, including real butter and cream. Please call for current avalibilty. We also have great flavors in Sucrose Free Fudge for our diabetic friends made with fructose.

Follow us on Facebook where we are listed as Alaska Rod's. Skip to main content. Alaska Rods.

The Top 6 Knives of Alaska Reviews – How Do These Knives Truly Hold Up?

Alaska Rod's Knives and Healing Salves. Our Business Philosophy Simply stated: Our goal is to make high quality knives and natural healing salves, using only the best ingredients available. All Natural Healing Salves After studying the natural cures and treatments used by the local natives and naturalists, Rod and Rhonda decided to venture into the forest and river valleys to find and harvest some of our local medicinal plants.

Alaska Mud Fudge We make our own fudge using top quality ingredients, including real butter and cream. Visit our store in Haines Alaska!The traditional ULU was an Alaskan Native cutting tool with a handle made of wood or bone and stone slate blade, with a sharp edge for cutting or carving.

The Native Alaskans made them in all sizes, from a small blade for cutting skins to a cleaver for carving meat. But, today's version is manufactured from stainless steel and provided with a hardwood handle for ease of use. Click here for Hand Made Ulus! The curvature of the U. Comes ready to gift wrap or put to work.

knives made in alaska

Natives from this region prospect and mine the huge boulders. Barges carry the jade down the rivers to artists who carve it into statues, animal figurines and best of all, these beautiful handles. Each handle is polished and often contains small flecks of gold or chromium.

The color is brilliant. In the Alaskana series, themes from Alaska are permanently etched in the blade. The golden Alaska Birch is laser etched with Alaskan scenes to look great in any kitchen. Inupiat Style Cultured Moose Antler We made a master pattern from an actual moose antler and reproduced these natural looking handles using silicone molds and polyester resin. Hand-staining and finishing bring put the very natural looking tones.

It's hard to tell it from the real thing. Of course, a hard stone or round steel works well, but with this little gadget, it's easy to keep a sharp edge.

Always use care when sharpening an Ulu or any other knife. Carefully follow the instructions included. Alaskan Grabbers Grab These! Discover the Fun in the word Functional with Alaskan Grabbers. The Grabbers logo appears on each Alaskan Grabber. Great gift to give with the ulu of your choice.Click here for larger image Hunting Knives These high quality hand made knives are both beautiful and functional.

They are made with the finest carbon steel to ensure a long lasting razor sharp edge. The handles are made from deer antler and the sheaths are made from tough leather. Small KnifeApprox.

The Top 6 Knives of Alaska Reviews – How Do These Knives Truly Hold Up?

Credit Cards accepted via telephone order only, call us at Alaska Hunting Knives. Alaska Gift catalog. Fur Products. Knives with Fossil Ivory, Fossilized Oosik, and Antler Handles These knives are hand made out of the highest quality stainless steel. The handles are made from Alaskan materials including wooly mammoth ivory, dall sheep horn, moose antler, caribou antler, and fossilized walrus oosik. For those not familiar with the oosik, it is a bone from within the male reproductive organ of the walrus.

They all come with durable, custom-made leather sheaths. The blades are 4" long. These knives are perfect for the knife collector as well as those just looking for a high quality knife for the field. Hunting Knives These high quality hand made knives are both beautiful and functional. Measurement is of whole knife, handle and blade.

knives made in alaska

Long Large Knife Measurement is of whole knife, handle and blade. Alaskan Artists. Featured Artist: Leonard Savage. Traditional Alaskan Items.

Alaska Rod's Knives and Healing Salves

Bulk Fur, Bone, and Fossilized Ivory. Site Map. Contact us. Driving Directions. Request an Item. Product Questions. Site Feedback. Home Page.We work long hours 7 days a week to produce our knives for you, but please do not assume that we will have all knives in stock and ready to ship the same day you order.

If you need a knife by a certain date please call to check our inventory before ordering. If we do need to produce your knife, it may take us a little time to do so before it will be ready to ship to you.

The wood is heated in a vacuum and the air and natural oils replaced with the colors you see. The wood is then layered and bonded with a resin under tremendous pressure. The process creates large blocks of wood that are four times stronger than hardwood, water proof and fire resistant. We then cut and shape the wood to create the beautiful handles you see. If you are not satisfied with our knives for any reason, just return it within 1 year from date of purchase for a full refund.

Our Hunting Knives are made from high carbon steel and are Parkerized for rust and stain prevention. NEW - we are in the process of converting our hunting knives to the same high quality stainless steel that our other knives are made from.

The knives will be available in either steel until the high carbon blades are gone. The Drop point blade is already only available in our stainless steel since we have used all of the blades of that design. You asked for them and we have finally delivered!

The long awaited Steak Knives are now in stock and ready to ship. TC created this Gourmet Seasoning to enhance the flavor of almost everything you cook. Our Kitchen Knives are all made from a high quality blend of high carbon stainless steel that is formulated to give excellent edge holding ability and flexibility. The steel is produced in the United States to keep our products "made in America".

The steel is high in carbon and yet retains enough chromium to keep it stain resistant. It measures 59C on the Rockwell scale, making it a superb steel that will keep it's superior edge with little effort. Click here to read detailed information on how to care for your quality knives from Eagle River Knife Company. Send An Email to: sales eagleriverknife. Eagle River Knife Company P. Box Eagle River, Alaska Phone Click here to read Shipping Information on our products.Featured Products Deer Tracker.

Gun Hugger Grenade Shirt. Gun Hugger Evergreen Shirt. Welcome to Alaska's Far Northern Knives! We offer a large selection of Damascus steel and stainless steel knives. You can choose from skinners, bowies, daggers, hatchets, boot knives, neck knives, fillet knives, folding pocket knives and more. We also offer custom knife designs. If you have a design in mind that you would like made we will gladly work with you to design the knife of your dreams!

We are always updating our inventory with the latest styles and love to hear suggestions from our customers. Our customers expect excellent customer service, so we gladly offer flat-rate shipping and fast service. For our in-store customers, we offer sharpening services for a variety of knives and tools, as well as knife blade and handle repair. We hope you enjoy shopping with us! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up-to-date with new designs and new product offerings!

Please choose the "International Shipping" option and we will contact you via email after you make your purchase. Shipping is based on settings for this website, but if your order fits into a smaller Flat Rate shipping box or envelope, or if for ANY REASON shipping ends up less than what our settings allow, you will be issued a refund for the extra shipping costs and notified of this via e-mail.

Don't forget to check out our line of Gun Hugger apparel! Thank you for seven years of business! We continue to strive for excellent customer service and customer satisfaction, doing what we love - producing quality, handmade cutlery and other products.